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    Hey There! I am Jamie, the owner and creator of theCLBhouse. Our name comes from my four French Bulldog babies Colston, Leonard, Beckham, and Lutz. We wanted to make a statement with our fun, high-quality shirts. Our shirts can be a little naughty at times just like my four bad boys.
    When not working, we enjoy lounging in our pool with our awesome pool floats, traveling to meet ups to play with our amazing friends, and making family memories together.

    Colston, our naughtiest little boy, is the one who made us fall in love with special needs French Bulldogs. He was born with a cleft palate/cleft lip. Colston is our big cuddly goof ball who loves playing tug-a-war with his brothers, and running around the yard playing chase. He is definitely our most mischievous one, who is always looking for an adventure. 

    Leonard, our little lover, who never meets a human he doesn't love. He gives the best kisses. Leonard is our sweet little deafie, but you would never know it with all the ear movements. He has a style for fashion who loves rocking his shade and sneakers. He enjoys playing with his brothers, and rolling on the ground anywhere. He loves to cuddle with his best friend Beckham.


    Beckham, our little bitchin Beckham, loves being the center of attention. He loves throwing little tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Hence the name Bitchin Beckham. He always has to be near his mommies. Beckham is our little model of the group. He enjoys posing for pictures. Beckham won Leonard's heart over the first day they meet, and have been inseparable ever since. Beckham is currently training to be a therapy dog.
    Lutz, our small fry who makes his own rules. He might be tiny at only 14lbs but he is fierce. Everyone falls in love with his grumpy face.